COVID 19 Update: We have pivoted our business to import large quantities of certified, safe PPE direct to customers, businesses and healthcare groups across North America. Our extensive experience with overseas sourcing has helped us build a vast database of trusted suppliers and factory partners, supporting our mission to provide certified compliant production all the way to delivery. Visit our ecommerce site for more information.

Pure Process

Our 7-Step Pure Process ensures the most transparent production and delivery of vaping cartridges in the market. With an established permanent office in Shenzhen China since 2004, we have extensive experience with product auditing, safety testing and importing throughout North America.


In a market saturated with harmful products and growing health concerns, pure safety is our number one priority. Many companies opt to cut corners in an effort to increase their bottom line, but what you may not know is that they are ignoring important safety testing, choosing to do the bare minimum. Our transparent testing process, from design to delivery, removes any uncertainty around providing your valued customers with the purest and safest vaping experience.

Pure Selection Technologies strives to be the safest and most reliable cartridge supplier in the industry. We aim to continually improve the service and products we provide by focusing on continued innovation through our established best in class overseas presence and factory network. Our goal is 100% customer satisfaction 100% of the time.

3rd Party safety

3rd party testing and certification providing full compliance


Transparency at every step of the process


Established permanent office in Shenzhen China


Long term Partnership with forward thinking

Pure Product

Our products have undergone the market’s strongest third-party safety testing for many harmful substances, including: lead, nickel, mercury, chromium-6, cadmium, PBBs & PBDEs, DEHP, BBP, DBP and DIBP. At Pure Selection Technologies, we only sell high-quality products that consumers can trust long-term.

Without compromising the purest of vaping technologies, we also work with clients to develop attractive, custom styles to suit their unique brand visions.



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Our vape hardware is designed solely with the customer in mind. We aim to deliver full flavor and maximum terpene profiles that your pure oil extractions deserve.


Long before this multi-billion-dollar industry was under fire for alleged harmful products and growing health concerns, Pure Selection Technologies was developing premier vaping cartridges and undergoing the market’s strongest 3rd party testing to ensure the safest vaping experience in the industry.

We believe that the safety and quality of what you breathe is paramount. Our mission is to provide the purest vaping experience in the industry and have developed a Pure Process that ensures transparent and certified compliant production all the way to delivery.

  • 40+

    Years Experience

  • 2004

    Shenzhen office opened.

  • 6-8

    Overseas trips per year.

  • 1000s

    Of products imported

  • 100%

    Guaranteed commitment to your happiness.


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